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Introducing on-call diaper delivery services On average a parent buys 240-320 baby diapers a month. spending hours of exhaustion and frustration. Introducing on-call diaper delivery services
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Don't waste your time and energy on tiresome diaper shopping at busy markets. Your time is precious and your baby deserves it the most.
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Not just because we are saying, but because we are the only one to start online diaper delivery services in Lahore. From small merchants to major suppliers, everyone is welcomed to partner with us and offer their brand so that no baby stays wet ever again, at least in Lahore for now;). With the best prices and products from all major brands, we are the brand you can trust in times of utter need (which is poopy diapers).

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    with the busy life schedules it gets almost impossible to shop baby diapers from a physical location every week or month. Diaper delivery solves the trouble for all parents offering fast and easy delivery of diapers in Lahore. We bring you baby diapers in playful prints, super absorbent along with a secure fit that prevents any leakage. Parents prefer disposable diapers as compared to homemade ones as they are economical and avoid any rashes to your adorable baby. You don't have to step a foot out of your home and simply get delivery of best quality diapers at your doorstep.

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    Diaper-r delivery as a company understands the hassle you go through each time buying diapers for your babies so we offer all the famous brands to be delivered to your home on a mere click. Pampers. Cambered. Happy Nappy. Panda diapers you name it. we have it. Offering the best prices of diapers in Lahore without any delivery costs. 100% FREE DELIVERY. Don't believe what you see? Next time you need to buy baby diapers simply order with us and get free diaper delivery anywhere in Lahore!